Assignment paid with our exchange currency ‘ArtMiles’ We bought walking boots for Mariette because that’s what she loves to do! That way the payment has even more meaning  

Poster for Wiver Employment: Mariëtte van Waard

                    The artwork of Wendy Bij De Ley’ (= She Thinks in Colors’)  was printed on 80.000 ArtMats We paid her for her artwork and were able to promote her in 50+ locations The public was inspired and started making the […]

Library campaign: She thinks in Colors

      The Bilstraat association of local eear Bob’s image will decorate bicycle racks in the centre of Utrecht powered by ArtMat = maximum exposure for artist                                         The Cubiss organisation  […]

Cubiss Library Collaboration

                    We asked the public to collect money using their talents for Nepal after it had been devastated by the earthquake Here are some examples of how the money was collected: Lekker eten voor het goede doel, Moppen tappen voor het […]

Nepal: kunst van opbouwen

  A workshop for the Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK): how does an emation taste? and in this case, the departure of UCK from the community

Doe de Vrede Shake

  Dance festivals are where youngsters feel free: we help them realise they can feel that every day Lies Schermer was our first artist to start this workshop format

Potje van maken: Lies Schermer

Kanaleneiland is a neighbourhood with many different cultures: making art together can expose the existing themes. After the members of the community have painted, Constantin Duco highlights these themes in his studio. This painting can then be bought by a community hall or local company as symbol of their connection to the […]

Gooi het Eruit!: Constantin Duco

  Making the world’s biggest ArtMat to give the biggest exposure to a local gallery Participating artits Danielle and Jesus were paid in ArtMiles A campaign of 90.000 ArtMats with their names and artwork distributed in different locations in Kanaleneiland

Record ArtMat: van Dieten en Portal

                        The Bilstraat association of local entrepeneurs supports the Wijde Doelen Gallery in their street = CSR The image on the front of their serie ArtMats is by Wijde Doelen artist Bob van Buren The ArtMats were so well […]

Biltstraat ondernemersvereniging

                        De Baak shows the ‘human side of enterprise’ = CSR They understand the power of art and asked Artist of the Year 2008 Jan Rothuizen to be the front of their ArtMat We distributed the ArtMats after discussing […]

De Baak: Art & Leadership

                      Gedachten Lezen unites people by writing poems with them on how they feel about their neighbourhoods = CSR With this in mind, we designed the back of the ArtMat in such a way that the reader can interact: the […]

Gedachten Lezen

                      Galerie de Kunst van was all about finding and showing how much artistic talent was present in the neighbourhood = CSR The gallery had no financial means so we convinced local enterprises to pay for ArtMats in exchange for […]

Kunstveiling | ArtMat

                      Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is an international museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design = CSR It was the beginning of ArtMat and we were unexperienced, so we never used the potential of ArtMat in a follow up;< […]

Stedelijk Museum

The Slinger Amsterdam is all about connecting local initiatives with local entrepeneurs = CSR We chose Mascha’s beautiful image because it evokes caring and uniting which is what CSR is about Slinger Utrecht now has a project called ‘Utrecht onder stroom’ which will be our sales follow up!


    For this record  breaking beermat we encouraged local entrepeneurs to pitch in for different series of ArtMats Check the person walking in front of the hanging beermat to see how large the beermat is


Milieudefensie nam als beeld de anatomie van de mens: het werk van Leon Keer zijn de ingewanden artistiek weergegeven Veel jongeren hebben de petitie uiteindelijk getekend, mede dankzij de aandacht van hun serie ArtMats

Petitie Vlees

  VredeLeven organised festivals between 2004 and 2008 in Amsterdam Slotervaart. Every activity was about experiencing peace: designing t-shirts with peace slogans, chalking for peace, rap and dance and of course much much more…

Dag van de Vrede

  Robert-Willem was paid using our currency ArtMiles A campaign of ArtMats showing his poetry and paintings

Peace: Robert-Willem Dol

AllOne: A breeding ground for creative talent…