Assignment paid with our exchange currency ‘ArtMiles’ We bought walking boots for Mariette because that’s what she loves to do! That way the payment has even more meaning  

Poster for Wiver Employment: Mariëtte van Waard

                    The artwork of Wendy Bij De Ley’ (= She Thinks in Colors’)  was printed on 80.000 ArtMats We paid her for her artwork and were able to promote her in 50+ locations The public was inspired and started making the […]

Library campaign: She thinks in Colors

  Dance festivals are where youngsters feel free: we help them realise they can feel that every day Lies Schermer was our first artist to start this workshop format

Potje van maken: Lies Schermer

Kanaleneiland is a neighbourhood with many different cultures: making art together can expose the existing themes. After the members of the community have painted, Constantin Duco highlights these themes in his studio. This painting can then be bought by a community hall or local company as symbol of their connection to the […]

Gooi het Eruit!: Constantin Duco

  Making the world’s biggest ArtMat to give the biggest exposure to a local gallery Participating artits Danielle and Jesus were paid in ArtMiles A campaign of 90.000 ArtMats with their names and artwork distributed in different locations in Kanaleneiland

Record ArtMat: van Dieten en Portal

  Robert-Willem was paid using our currency ArtMiles A campaign of ArtMats showing his poetry and paintings

Peace: Robert-Willem Dol