Somenath Maity

























Why did you become an artist?

I became an artist to pursue that inner voice and the need to express all that I feel in the purest of all creative voices- art.Painting is my inspiration and my life.


how would you describe your art?

My art can be described as a journey. A means to understand the intricacies and nunces of all that I see. Light, energy and sensousness describes the strictures I paint. My reaction to the dynamics of a metropolis is what my paintings are about.

What is unique about your work?

I don’t know if my work is unique and how it appears to others. I try to follow my own path, pursue my dreams and be true to my memories. For me this life is unique and every experiences is full of the remenants of my early life in the village. This world of my mirages and dreams is what I pursue.
I would like to believe that this what makes my work my own.


How do you see your work in a corporate setting?

My work speaks about the metropolis. It reacts to the modern city.
In that sense my work fits in universally. I explore the complexity of the city.
The traces of the past, memories of village life that continue to haunt the migmant labour. I like to depict the many layers of the city.


what your approach the life?

My approach to life is direct and passionate. I believe in following my own path and my truth. I believe in my self. my fire. That is makes me paint with a person.