Red Twenty























Why did you become an artist?

To be/become an artist for me it was extremely easy and natural. I started to draw directly on the school desk during math lessons as well now I draw during the boring business meetings ! The differences is that now ( I am 53 years old)  I have many more subjects to draw…


How would you describe your art?

My art is a mixture of surreal and gothic style, influenced by modern artists like Francis Bacon. In my deformed subjects I try to put order in disturbed situations as well we all try to do involved – nowadays – by the economic and social chaos.


What is unique about your work?

My drawings are characterized by an exaggerated and mesmerizing use of black ink. My subjects produce a strong impressionist impact and are immediately recognizable among others. The meanings are not hidden but are brought out with simplicity and immediacy, without useless elements. The messages are shown directly, as if it had developed with the modern and essential language of…Twitter! My studies are centered around lonely characters that writhe, tangled and dissolve in a vain attempt to give meaning to their existence. The deep expressionist charge utilizes the exclusive use of black and white to escalate the violence, the coldness, the squalor and desolation of the human condition, torn by internal and external crisis: I see the reality as opposed to the higher needs of the human soul, almost always disappointed.


How do you see your work in a corporate setting?

hmmmm…no good !!


What’s your approach to life?

Endure without exploding. Work with “Swiss” constancy and regularity. Create like an italian !


Do you have a motto in life?

No, not yet