Julius Njau

















Why did you become an artist?

I liked drawing from the childhood.
And it was in nature and a part of the self-expression.
I feel that Artist life  fits to me than another way of life.
I want to paint to beauty of nature, vanity of the life, the feeling that through a Japanese painting.
That is beginning to my artist life .  

How would you describe your artwork?

I’m drawing motif with a flower ,the trees and plants of nature .
And I don’t draw it realistically like a photo.
I want paint with my feeling a color, form and air around motif.
I show vanity and preciousness of the life.
I put lot of color with Japanese painting special 

What is unique about your work?

My work’s unique point is  overlapping of the color, the combination of colors are valuation.
I use a lot of color.  Like a filter.
So if parson feel to a blight, who watch artwork with happiness.
If parson feel to dark, who watch artwork with sad. 

How do you see your work in a corporate setting?

When I open exhibition time,can see my artwork. 

What’s your approach to life?

I’m thinking always about Japanese culture of art.
Artist life is not so easy in Japan. And very poor culture of Japanese artwork.
So I want change the culture like a Europe art culture.
And I want change Japanese society without associate power and group power. I want show to many people  my artwork. And people enjoy see art. 

Do you have a motto in life?

“Art Is Sincere  ”
If I paint very hard. My artwork shows my heart.
And I believe  people can see my heart through my artwork.