Gedachten Lezen

ged-lezen-light-achterkant- Artist: Anna Garforth












  • Gedachten Lezen unites people by writing poems with them on how they feel about their neighbourhoods = CSR

  • With this in mind, we designed the back of the ArtMat in such a way that the reader can interact: the qr shows local activities and the box is for handing in your word

  • People with their word were photographed and placed on social media and will be part of a large poem to be placed in their neighbourhood = interaction marketing

  • The qr on the ArtMats can be used by local organisations to show their programme and so the ArtMats retain their validity and serve the community = ArtMatters

  • We target the audience that serves Gedachten Lezen the best: local restaurants and bars, community centres, town halls and schools who gladly receive them