What separates us from each other? Lack of connection.
Why is there a lack of connection? Because we feel we are separate.

Our aim is to show communities that members have a lot in common.
Be it beliefs, interests, education, humor or anything that makes up life

We do that using  CREATIVE  methods that go beyond prejudices:

  Educational programmes to experience connection at an early age

DSC_1484  Community art projects for all members to participate and create

Local peace festivals: we bring together local talent and business

sterk-logo  Workshops for local businesses to connect with the workfloor

gedicht3  Poetry Routes connecting streets and people words

 ‘Placemaking’: local ideas for healthy urbanisation

logo nbr  Radio made for with and about residents

painting flowersGovernment packages for all situations

services-webArtMats to spread the word and see the change

voorkant AR/VR to visualise the dreams and goals

p.s. some information is in Dutch because we are based there… you can request info personally or check our other site at AllOne