Claudio Giulianelli



























Why did you become an artist?


I did not become an artist, I was born an artist ..

Before I learned to write with the pen I was drawing on paper sheets


How would you describe your art?


My painting has ancient origins, it is lost in the mists of the Middle Ages, in my paintings you can see alchemical symbolsMy teachers were the Flemish artists of 1400 .


What is unique about your work?


My paintings can be recognized among millions of canvases.

Everything emanates that mystery and that sense of expectation … it’s as if living in a world of them all, a “pure earth”.


How do you see your work in a corporate setting?


I think my paintings can be appreciated by everyone and placed in any environment


What’s your approach to life?


My painting is philosophy and philosophy is my life, without philosophy there would not be my paintings


Do you have a motto in life?


I know I do not know.