Biltstraat ondernemersvereniging

  • Artist: Bob van Buuren















  • The Bilstraat association of local entrepeneurs supports the Wijde Doelen Gallery in their street = CSR

  • The image on the front of their serie ArtMats is by Wijde Doelen artist Bob van Buren

  • The ArtMats were so well viewed, the association asked us to design wrapping paper based on the back of their ArtMats

  • This wrapping paper was seen by all the customers and taken home = in house marketing

  • Subsequently a wine label using Bob’s image was created in collaboration with ArtMat= extra promotion of artist

  • And once again in house marketing because customers family and friends saw the label while drinking the wine

  • Bob’s image is part of an exhibition in the city hall Utrecht and so the public sees Bob again = interactive marketing

  • Next year Bob’s image will decorate bicycle racks in the centre of Utrecht powered by ArtMat = maximum exposure for artist